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33 reasons I'm voting for Obama

33 Reasons I’m voting for Obama

 The other day I tweeted a joke about Romney, it wasn’t a great joke. It was “Dudes voting for Romney, I hope you like condoms and babies”. I got right-wing hate for that tweet (as always) and though the replies that called me a slut didn’t get under my skin, sluts vote buddy, deal with it! The response that simply said “That’s the only reason u are voting for Obama? That’s sad.” Did get under my skin. That bugged me because there are many, many reasons that I am voting for Obama.

Watch This whole movie for free!!!

I shot this film a couple of summer's ago in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, MN. I had a really great time working with Dean Peterson, who wrote and directed it and the rest of the cast is awesome. After playing in a bunch of film festivals Dean decieded to make the entire film free for anyone who wants to watch it online, which I think is a really cool way of doing things. So, here is it!

Smoke. Worry. Fuck. Oct 5th

If you are in Los Angeles on October 5th you should swing over to the UCB theater at 6PM (early) and see my very first one person show; "Smoke. Worry.

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