33 reasons I'm voting for Obama

33 Reasons I’m voting for Obama

 The other day I tweeted a joke about Romney, it wasn’t a great joke. It was “Dudes voting for Romney, I hope you like condoms and babies”. I got right-wing hate for that tweet (as always) and though the replies that called me a slut didn’t get under my skin, sluts vote buddy, deal with it! The response that simply said “That’s the only reason u are voting for Obama? That’s sad.” Did get under my skin. That bugged me because there are many, many reasons that I am voting for Obama. But even if I was just voting for him for that one reason, access to birth control and abortions, that would be a pretty damn good reason. But that is one of many. So, to respond to this gentleman I have made a list of the 33 reasons why I am voting for Obama.  

1.) I don’t think that health care is the privilege for the elite. I think it’s the right of all people.

2.) It’s important that all hate crimes to be seen for what they are. (Obama expanded the hate crime law to include sexual orientation.)

3.) My ancestors were Irish that faced the same oppression many Latino immigrants face today. As a nation founded by immigrants I think we need to treat all immigrants with dignity and respect, like the human beings they are. Obama has given children born to illegals the right to became legal citizens and he has opposed the immoral laws that states like Arizonia have used to dehumanize those who are new to our country.

4.) I want to know that my rights as a woman are protected, that Roe V Wade will not be overturned and that my nation’s leader will not view rape victims as “God’s will”.

5.) I want the rich to pay more taxes and the middle-class to grow instead of the same trickle-down economics that didn’t work for Reagan.

6.) I want college to be affordable for everyone.

7.) I want climate change to be taken seriously by the government.

8.) I want science to be taken seriously by the government. (Obama appointed the first ever Chief Technology Officer.)

9.) I want our veterans to be treated with dignity. (Obama added 4.6 Billion to the Veteran’s Administration to recruit mental health professionals.)

10.) I want violence against women to be taken seriously. (Obama increased funding for the Violence Against Women Act.)

11.) I want all adults to be treated as human beings and for gay’s to legally marry. (Obama is the first president in history to come out in favor of gay marriage and he has extended benefits to same sex partners of Gov. employees.)

12.) I want preservation of the National Parks that Teddy Roosevelt was good enough to create. (Obama has been supportive of preserving our National Parks and has increased funding for them.)

13.) I can’t in good faith have someone who pumps iron and reads Ayn Rand as my Vice President. Those were the interests of the creepiest boys in high school.

14.) I want a president who understands the importance of organizations like Planned Parenthood. As freelance worker I have gone off and on health insurance my whole whole adult life. If it weren’t for PP I wouldn’t have been able to afford getting regular pap smears and breast exams. I wouldn’t have been able to afford birth control or get tested for STD’s. PP helps millions of women AND MEN get STD treatment and testing for free. They educates many about the importance of HIV prevention. They also help rape victims find affordable consoling. They have been a huge help to my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of many people I love.

15.) Michelle. The woman is fucking cool.

16.) I want Medicare and Medicaid to be safe and to know that the seniors who have put so much into the system during their working lives are taken care of when they retire. I don’t want them to have to rely on vouchers, I want them to get the care they need and what they are owed.

17.) I want to be paid for the work I do and not any less because of my gender. The very first law that Obama signed into Law was the Lily Ledbetter fair pay act.

18.) I want my friends in the GLBT community to be treated with respect and dignity.

19.) I want the separation between Church and State to be taken seriously.

20.) I want the troops to come home from Afghanistan as soon as possible. I believe that  Obama will get them home.

21.) I want to remain proud to be an American. Never has my heart swelled with the hopes that the American dream is alive and well as it did the night that Obama won the presidency. That a mix-race child who wasn’t born into a political family was able to became the leader of the free world gave me hope for our future as a country, for our moral direction and the way all races will be treated in generations to come. It gave me hope four years ago and it still does today.

22.) I like having a hot president, it may be shallow, but I think Obama is really handsome.

23.) I want children with disabilities to be given good health care and educations.

24.) I trust Obama in picking the next supreme court justice.

25.) I wanna see the look on Donald Trump’s stupid face when Obama is re-elected. I know it will be the same stupid look that’s always on his face, like he has a poop that just won't come out, but I’m thinking it will be a little rudder and his lips will look a little more pursed.

26.) I like having a president who supports American industry, who didn’t give up the auto industry when that would have been the easy thing to do.

27.) I’m very impressed with the way he handled hurricane Sandy,  he put aside the campaign and worked with both parties for the greater good of the American people.

28.) Obama will admit that he is wrong sometimes, that he is a human being and that he isn’t perfect.

29.) Obama released his birth certificate, killed Osama Bin Laden and then did a solid stand up set at the White House Press Dinner the next night acting cool as a cucumber. Do I like violence? No, but I like that he stuck to his promise, and being a comic, I have no idea how the fuck he was able to focus.

30.) Obama appointed Hillary Clinton, his rival, as his secretary of state, because he knew she would do a good job and she has.

31.) Obama supports unions and unions support Obama. Joe Biden has been a strong force for Union workers and I believe that unions are the back bone of American Industry.

32.) Obama repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, letting Gay’s and Lesbians serve for their country. A huge and long over do step toward equality.

33.) I believe that there are many things Obama wasn’t able to do in his first term because of the Republicans in congress.  I have faith that in his second term he will make big, important changes for human rights, our economy and energy independence.

Is Obama perfect? No. Nobody who is the perfect person for this job will ever get this job. Nobody who would make a perfect president would ever run for president because that person is way too humble. It’s a job for ego-manics, which, I honestly don’t think Obama is. I do realize, however, he has compromised some morals along the way. He signed things that are fucked up and made deals with shit heads. But he has always been much more consistent and clear about who is and what he believes than his opposition.

I honesty believe that he is a great President and the best hope for a better future. I want the next generation to not be impressed by Obama’s race, because I hope by the time they are grown that will be such a non-issue to them that it sounds silly that it was ever a question. I want future generations to remember Obama for what he did. For the change he has already made and they changes yet to come.

 If you don’t agree with me, that is fine. I have lots of friends voting for third party candidates and I respect that very much. If you are for Romney you are probably a lot like me, morals probably make up a lot of reasons you will vote for him. Your morals and my morals are not the same. Your morals and my morals are actually completely opposite. But I respect that you believe in something and believe in someone. And even though you think abortion is murder and I think that not taking rape seriously is a sin, you and I feel very strongly about things because we don’t want our morals to be corrupted. I respect your morals and will never push mine on yours. I would never force someone to go to a church that marrys gays or take birth control, that would be crazy. It's equally as crazy for someone to try to stop me from doing those things.

You can have any god you want, marry any person you want, donate to whatever cause you want and send your child to school in your own kitchen to teach them what you want. I just ask that you please respect me as I do you.  

I ask that if you don’t agree with me that you don’t attack me on twitter or send me a mean email. If you want a conversation though, I’m open to it. If Mitt wins I will be heartbroken, but I will stay in America and I will fight for the causes I care about. I will never dislike him for his religion, I will ALWAYS dislike him for his unChristian way of ruling and lies. But I will accept him as my president and fight to keep my rights alive.

If Obama wins, which I think he will, a huge weight will be lifted from my shoulders, and my brow will relax. I will jump up and down and cry happy tears. I hope that those against him respect him as President.

Whoever you are voting for, please vote tomorrow.

I hope you vote for Obama.