Fish or Chicken?

Q: My fiancee and I are trying to decide between fish or chicken for the wedding. What do you suggest?  -- Clark, 29, Los Angeles

Dear Clark,

 This is a tough question because it may possibly affect the rest or your life and the life of the "person" you are soon to marry. First, let's assume that most of your friends and family DO eat meat. Then chicken is the clear choice. But what if they DON"T eat meat? What if you have invited someone to this wedding that is GREATLY offended by chicken? Or worse yet, what if this whole "getting married" thing is just a bad idea? I think it may be.

Let's just face facts. Clark, if you can't figure out what food to serve at your wedding without asking me, an unmarried stand up comic, then this whole thing is just a bad idea. 

Haha! That was a test! Clark, you are a great sport! The choice is simple and the choice is both! Have a buffet with fish, chicken and some kind of bean dish for veggie friends! Your wedding will be great and will lead to three full years of happiness before the world ends.

Have a great wedding!