Is true love real?  -- Mariesa, 22, Los Angeles

 Dear Mariesa,
  That is a big question and one that I think you need to ask yourself. But since you didn't ask yourself, and you asked me, I'll do my best.

  Firstly, what IS love? Is it an intense feeling of deep affection? Is it a band from the 60's with Arthur Lee and guitarist Bryan MacLean? Is it simply a formula for ending an affectionate letter? Is it a burning flame? Yes, love is all four things and at least one, the band, is, for sure, real. I know "Love" is real because I saw them play once. It wasn't very good, seeing a band 40 years after they've peaked rarely is though, so what did I expect? Enough about the band though, you want to know about the emotion, the notion, the most primal of devotion; true love. So I'll tell you! Yes, true love is real, and also no, it's fake.

 I have thought that I have been in love at least 4.2 times because my body feels so sparkly at times, especially when I have just met someone amazing or when I'm experiencing withdrawal from sleeping pills. I don't think that I'm alone to confuse love with sleeping pill withdrawal either. Both make you want to have sex a lot and both keep you up at night. But only one can kill and that is love. Love is the most dangerous thing out there. That is why so many people, all Mormons to name a few, stay so far away from it.  You shouldn't stay far away from it, though you should stay open to it. You should let yourself be confused and follow it up until the point that you feel something bigger than you, an unselfish feeling that is all encompassing and grand. Love is like that, you know, like when you eat a free waffle at a two star motel, the best feeling ever.

 If you have never felt love I feel bad for you. But some people never find love. Most of those people are totally stupid or ugly or something though, so I guess they always have TV.