Artist Replaces Smart Phones with Poop & It Really Makes You Think

If you're a person and use the interent you probably see about once a day an "amazing" "art blog" that serves as a cautionary tale of smart phone use. They are usually super poignant and feature people looking at their phones instead of looking at the stuff around them. Like, maybe they are with their kid and instead of staring at their child super-hard, like parents have to at all times to record their faces in their brain-box, they are reading an email on their phone. Or, maybe they are editing a photo they just took on instagram of The Grand Canyon instead of pushing someone into The Grand Canyon, or maybe they are performing open heart surgery and looking at a picture of a phone on their phone. You get the drift. You have seen these. They come out all the time. You look at them on your phone and then you feel bad for a minute and then you look at another poignant statement blog where Disney Princesses have zits.

Let's face facts, these things are fucking awful. It's the easiest, most over-stated stupid point that is made over and over again by people who pat themselves on the back for having an idea that a whole bunch of other people had. I decided today that if I saw another blog about people looking at phones, I'd make a blog where instead of people holding phones they are holding pieces of shit. Why? Because it's easy.  It doesn't take much thought and it's stupid.

So here you go, here are some pictures where I photoshopped doo doo over phones. I hope it makes you think, stink.

Darren hasn't STOPPED staring at that piece of stinking shit all day. He is zoned out. You can't even have a one minute conversation without him taking it out of his pocket and rubbing it like a magic genie is going to come out and grant his wish. I wish he'd die.

Zara and Bemily went across Europe with the money they got from their dad's death. You'd think they would have had an enriching time, but did they? No! All they did was hold that dookie they love so much up above their head and smile like a couple of idiots. Shame on you millenials!

Nobody is surprised that Paris Hilton was one of the first to jump on the fecal-train, but is it all fun and games or is it a disease? It actually is really bad for your health to carry around old poop in your handbag, no matter how glamourous the Hollywood elite make it seem.

Ramona and Dewisle have only lived together for 3 months but already their relationship is loveless and sexless. I blame the fact that they each stare endlessly into their private turds day and night. Will they find meaning inside of those BMs? Maybe for a moment but we all know that they will wind up feeling dirty and stained.

This woman has an extra big one. She probably paid a lot of money for it and thinks she is very cool for having such a big stool. What she doesn't know is unlike the Druids who built the amazing hendge BEHIND HER is that in a few years she will look like a real tool!

It's really heartbreaking to see Grandma being so enchanted by scuz. She has lived a full life where she has been treated poorly for her gender and scooted aside because of her age and instead of complaining about that to the wind she is looking at feces. She deserves better!

You'd think that a couple of classy women like Princess Diana's Ghost and Glenn Close would have the sense to not be mesmerized by the brown spellbinder, but, no. Is there any hope?