I will make your tattoo way cool part II

A few months ago I posted a blog (I will make your tatto way cool) where I made a bunch of tattoos way cool. Due to popular demand (or well, the demand of my internet stalker and a couple of friends) I made a few more tattoos way cooler.

Oh how I hope you enjoy!



2010 Calendar

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone reading this had a great 2009, though not so great that it can't be topped by an even better 2010.

 Like a lot of people I like to know what month it is and use the help of a wall calender, usually one that I buy for about a dollar that features things that I like to look at like:

 A pile of cats


Like hate, greed, cancer and evil, Juggalos seem to be a fact of life

There are a million shitty bands in the world; "Nickelback", "Maroon Five", "Sublime" and "311" just to name a few but none of them compare with how shitty the "Insane Clown Posse" (ICP) is. ICP sounds like a cross between Hip Hop created by deaf, fat, white men and the music that diarrhea would produce if diarrhea somehow took on a human-like form and did a ton of meth.

I will make your tattoo way cool

My boyfriend has a tattoo on his arm of a dog, it's pretty cool, but as an artist I couldn't help but think it could be much, much cooler. So when he was asleep I turned his regular dog

 into a Rude Dawg 

It turned out so well I thought, man I should do this for a living!

Look at these before and after tattoo photos!

Because not every president was an owl look'n motherfucker

In the research that I have done on the founding fathers of the United States of America I have learned four things;

1.) That many of them were not into Jesus.

2.) That a shit ton of them look like owls (see blog "Owl Look'n mother fuckers for my previous findings.)

3.) That Jimmy Polk owned people as pets.

4.) Some of them do not look like owls, but look like other things.

Here now are the first 19 U.S Presidents and the people, animals or thingies they look the most like

Something I know about every state

  • If you don't get a chance to go on a vacation this summer, what because of everybody being poor and what not, don't worry. Here is a little something about each of the 50 U.S states. When you read these true facts you will feel as if you went on a vacation as great as any of the Vacation movies! Enjoy!
  • Alabama

What does that smell look like? A real science blog part II

Since the first "What does a smell look like" Science blog I've realized that there is a whole world full of smells that directly link to our psyche that I didn't cover. Oh sure, there is no way one more picture blog will even scratch the surface, but at least it will make a little crease in the surface. Here are some more smells and the images those smells cause the human brain to automatically think of.

Owl look'n mother fuckers

The other day I was watching the Rachel Maddow show and Madeline Albright came on to talk about...well to tell you the truth I have no idea what she was talking about because all I could think about was how much she looks like an owl! Now, I mean no disrespect to the first female to be the United States Secretary of State, I hold her in high esteem, but I'm of the mind that if someone looks a lot like an owl you should point it out!

What does that smell look like? A real science blog

 Ever walk down the street and smell something wonderful and get a flash of a smile you saw on a nice face from 2003? Sure you have and why not? There is a scientific reason for that you know, it's called "Brain smells association images and shit" or BSAIS (as science people say, you would know this if you hung out at science bars). You see, smells are related to the same part of the brain that stores love, hate, teen angst, robots, dreams, and memory. It's a very important part of the brain!


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