Classified Ads

I've always been a fan of classifed ads, here are some of my favorite finds!


On this season of Entourage!

 A few years ago, seven to be exact, the world was a place that a person could float freely in without ever having to hear the best (and also worst) Jane's Addiction song ever recorded every Sunday night. But then, Doug Ellin (pictured)

I really don't understand why people think Marcus Bachmann is gay

Marcus Bachmann at a Christian Counseling Coyote Camp ( CCCC for short)

An Open Letter To Juggalos

Dear Juggalos,

 Over a year ago, I made a picture blog about Juggalos that stated that Juggalos have different DNA than people. Clearly, I know that isn't true. It's a joke. Juggalos have the same DNA as people. After all, people are terrible.

 I've gotten a lot of angry emails from Juggalos. Not a shock. When you put something out there, you have to expect that people are going to have different responses, and since I was clearly making fun of Juggalos, I expected some “clown hate”.

2011 Calendar is here!

It's a new year and that means many, many new days to fill with wonder, delight and crying in the bathtub. To help manage all of your affairs I created a calendar that you can print out and hang on your wall.

This year I have dedicated each month to a different sub-sub-culture. People that you would normally forget to make fun of. But I remembered for you. Enjoy:


Sarah Palin talks race war

Palin gets honest

Mid season replacements in reality TV

I know about the new reality shows coming to you this mid-season. How do I know this amazing stuff? Because I have my finger on the pulse of the lower-middle part of Hollywood. Spoiler Alert! I'm gonna spoil what all the new shows are!


Show: 10 1/2 and Married

Network: TLC

Pups that look like Dictators

 So, there is a lot of hype about this website where they take pictures of super cute kittens and say they look like Hitler. So much hype in fact that people (stupid people) often tell me my cat Sasha looks like Hitler. She doesn't look like Hitler. She looks like Charlie Chaplin, who was also a scumbag, but only killed a few people.

Movie remakes

 It seems like everytime a good movie is made, Hollywood gives it ten or twenty years (or a year in the case of good foreign films) and remakes it. Sometimes it works out "okay", but never ever have I seen a remake be better than the original.

Mamas don't let your babies be assholes

One of my favorite people is having a baby and this news has made her read up on the right way to raise a kid. Now, I've never had a baby, but I did have nice parents AND I do know that there are some asshole babies out there. I know, nobody wants to admit it, but some babies are just jerks. Case in point;


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