What does that smell look like? A real science blog part II

Since the first "What does a smell look like" Science blog I've realized that there is a whole world full of smells that directly link to our psyche that I didn't cover. Oh sure, there is no way one more picture blog will even scratch the surface, but at least it will make a little crease in the surface. Here are some more smells and the images those smells cause the human brain to automatically think of.

Pinkberry Yogurt = 


Mott's Apple Cider = 


Salt and Vinegar Chips = 



Icy Hot (the pain balm) = 


Blueberry Pancakes =


New Tennis Balls = 


Jovan White Musk = 


Canned Corn = 


Library Bathroom = 


Barnes and Noble Bathroom = 


RC Cola = 


Horse Urine = 


Oatmeal = 


Bread Pudding = 


Funnel Cakes = 




Dad's House =


Burnt Hair =