What does that smell look like? A real science blog

 Ever walk down the street and smell something wonderful and get a flash of a smile you saw on a nice face from 2003? Sure you have and why not? There is a scientific reason for that you know, it's called "Brain smells association images and shit" or BSAIS (as science people say, you would know this if you hung out at science bars). You see, smells are related to the same part of the brain that stores love, hate, teen angst, robots, dreams, and memory. It's a very important part of the brain!

 The most interesting part of BSAIS is that as you may think that when you smell a great smell and it reminds you of someone great who smelled that way that experience is unique to you, but in truth every person experiences the very same sensation! Yes, every person on earth sees your ex-girlfriend Sherry every time they smell Dior Addict fragrance. Now, I know that this sounds shocking at first, but think about why you and Sherry broke up...yup that's why she never picked up her phone, because everybody on earth is always thinking about her being cute whenever the smell that good smelling smell.

 Just like every time anyone smells a good or pleasant smells a common good image comes to mind every time every person smells a bad smell a bad or gross image comes to mind. In fact that is the only reason shit is so gross, because whenever anyone smells it they think of Larry Hagman from Dallas.
   If shit didn't conjure this scary image nobody would think anything of it and potties would be crazy full. This is how science and our brains protect us from illness.

Here are some other images that people see when they smell smells that explain why some people like those smells and other people do not.



patchouli oil       =               


Limburger cheese     =       +     


   AXE brand body spray     =    .



Sweet Pickles (not the bus for child literacy) =   



Skin so soft from Avon =    

  Puppy Fur  =     


Wet Sidewalk in San Fransisco =        or   




Diet Mountain Dew =   



Regular Mountain Dew =






Seafood soup = 






oil paint =  




Robitussin DM = 




Sand = 





Rusty Metal Fence =