Mid season replacements in reality TV

I know about the new reality shows coming to you this mid-season. How do I know this amazing stuff? Because I have my finger on the pulse of the lower-middle part of Hollywood. Spoiler Alert! I'm gonna spoil what all the new shows are!


Show: 10 1/2 and Married

Network: TLC

This is a show about a family/ cult who in order to run a better "home school" environment marry the family children to other children who are members of the cult. Fun moments: when Ashely has a daughter and names her Brie, forgetting that she already had a daughter named Brie. When Tildy and Rome think its a birthday party, but really they are getting married!


 SHOW: Skank Rank Challenge

Network: MTV

15 really dumb girls are locked in a shitty McMansion in Palm Springs with nothing to do but eat fried cheese and drink cocaine.  Yes, these bitches drink cocaine! Once a week they have to complete a "challege" that involves going to a bar and having sex with as many bros as possible. Each time they "bro score" a boner is put up on a chart. At the end of the season the skank with the highest rank is beat up by the other skanks in the house.

Funny moments: Nope



Network: Spike

On this show people eat stuff, stuff like giant burgers, tires, trees, bikes, bricks, anything.

Funny moments: When Ginger Diaz, a sassy granny who loves to eat and "ain't afraid of her lower digestive track" is told that in order to win a car she has to eat a car!


SHOW: Dorks!

Network: G4

Because "nerds" are no longer uncool, G4 network is hoping to make being a dork cool too. The whole point of this show is to showcase Jer, Steve and Chris H as they talk about boobs, try to get people to buy them Smirnoff ice and skateboard, really, really poorly.



Network : Bravo


This shows follows around a group of 23-year-old women who like to pretend like they live in the show mad men. They talk a lot about "which one they are" and say "I just wish they were nicer to gays" a lot.

Funny moments; When they go to a "True Blood" Themed party by mistake



SHOW:  Entourage Dude Acting Like He Is The Dude From Entourage


Network: HBO

Marky Mark decided that he doesn't have enough shows on HBO so he produced a four part documentary that is real time four hours in the life of Adrian Grenier. In this four hour period of time Adrian goes to all of the places he goes as "Vince", his character on Entourage and waits for people to recognize him.